Shep Gold has been a work in progress.  His music is stark, honest, earnest.   Born from a more punk pedigree and slowly self realizing into a genuine sonic  journey that keeps the heart but focuses more on musical expression that is gently set forth into the airwaves rather than shattering the landscape,  his path is muddy but not muddled.  
Shep found a live music outlet at PDX airport a few years ago and plays regularly for hurried and delayed flight  passengers in equal measures.   The boundaries of playing in such a precarious arena have set the tone for his latest albums.   In a very real way the experience has galvanized his disparate musical parts forming a cohesive and ambitious musical individual finally free to create and express without fear or reservation.
The unintentional Trilogy of airport music has concluded with FLOAT.  A gentle and wrenching admission of shortcomings and perseverance despite the setbacks.  From his own mind constantly deceiving him about reality to false starts romantically to realizing until you know yourself you can't quell mental dissent the album dives and keeps going until a quiet abyss melts peripheral noise into the ether.

   Shep has his music available on BANDCAMP.    By Clicking on the box below you will be transferred to all 3 albums ( TRADITIONS, GRAVITY, FLOAT) for your perusal and/or purchase if you wish to do so.