A sound so familiar you forget you’ve never heard anything like it before”  Listen Before You Leap zine, 2014

Shep Gold has been toiling with sound and creating mashups of different genres since he was a wee lad.   If it resonates he is all in and then some.  There are a lot of artists who are multitasking these days and playing many roles but Shep just follows the music  and winds up where ever it takes him.  It’s a type of insanity that keeps one sane if you stay the course and believe that given enough time all things are possible.   It’s brought him to a stripped down, exposed genre that thrives on the beauty of a stark, acoustic landscape peppered with honest tales of human loss and bonding.   Nothing to hide here, it’s all front and center.

From New Jersey to New York City to Gainesville, Florida where he was able to cut his teeth in the close knit and highly reputable Punk scene his journey has been at the very least consistently humbling and inspiring and at the very most a completely unthought out jaunt into the unknown depths of musical faith.  

”If I keep playing and listening I feel, despite the painful trials that everyone must endure, I will arrive somewhere I never could have imagined, somewhere I can call home.”  Shep Gold, 2017

Shep Gold has been writing music all his life. Writing and creating and performing and destroying the finished product usually after a few live shows.   The flame needs fuel and the songs that don’t feel like forever are used to light the way for future endeavors. Album after album thrown to the waste side, erased over with new ideas, dreamed up again only to be discarded for something more apt, something more in tune but not quite there yet. Nobody wants to starve but a life lived not imbued with the essence of what means the most to us is a false narrative and will end up feeling empty.  The risk is not missing out on conventional happiness but rather losing the thread that keeps everything interesting, purposeful.

GRAVITY is the latest album that survived the test of time and remains and will remain one his first complete albums thematically and philosophically.  It’s also his first studio recorded album and the sound quality is not an accident, it was an upgrade 20 years in the making.