Shep Gold has no idea what's going on.  Zero, Zilch, nada.  He plays and writes  and performs and repeats the process.   Originally from New Jersey then all over the east coast from New York City to Gainesville, Florida Shep has been,  always will be in some form or another though reflection comes hard these days.  
   Simplicity sets the stage for a naked blind eye.  Listen closely and you'll hear no tricks.    Just a voice, guitar, lyrics.  Transparency on another level.  In deference to the music the artist disappears and brings only the proper tools to elicit and convey what the song at it's core is trying to say.  In other words : Don't get in the way of what is naturally beautiful.   
    Playing live consistently has banded all his disparate musical parts together to bring him an unclouded vision of where to go next, unfortunately, he has no idea what's going on.  So he plays, he writes, he performs  and when he  pops up for air the view is a melody, the scene is a harmony, and the sky is an album.      
     FLOAT is now.  From April 18th 2017 to August 9th the album was conceived, performed, recorded and mastered by Shep in his Portland, Oregon apartment.   Another offering of a unique life perspective told through aching melodies and energetic riff responses.  
    Traditions 2015, Gravity 2016, Float 2017.   First, second, and third albums respectively and all have that same searching current running through them.   As  the contortions that time tends to toss us through advance the albums reflect that transformation.  Yes, it's a similar tone, mood,  yet now less hectic, more focused and confident.  Wonder what 2018 has in store?  So does Shep, in fact, he has no idea what's going on.

   Shep has his music available for listening and purchasing on BANDCAMP.   Clicking on the box below will transfer you to all 3 albums for your perusal if you wish to do so.   


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