Shep Gold is not your typical musician.  There is no innate talent or childhood musical tale to tale.  There was a love beyond words for the songs that inspired him and took life to new levels of joy or comforted him during the tough times we all face but all forms of structured musical lessons were eschewed with vigor.  

  It wasn't until after the chaos of his early years started to subside and hind site was able to provide a clearer picture of how life should be navigated that music took hold as something physically needed to survive and thrive in this world.    There were a few years of punk inspired screaming and electric guitar noise that will   always be cherished and were a blast to play and perform but it was all anger or frustration, nothing nuanced or deeply motivated.    Something more was calling, something as old as time and solid as a rock band lining the cliffs of a canyon.  

That was it.  After the decision had been made all that was left was dedication and practice and that is his forte in spades.   Years went by and the time was well spent despite  the progress being almost imperceptible.  Still, there was no other course, this was it no matter what so in the face of sour notes, off color tones, acoustic agony, Shep went on and on.       

  A stroke of good timing landed a transformative steady gig at PDX airport where he would learn to listen to what the masses had to silently say.   Up until this point all output had been original music.  PDX was nudging cover songs into the playing field and with that revelation an acceleration of understanding and musical prowess followed.  

Now armed with 40 original songs culled from over 400 and a plethora of cover songs he is a musically benevolent force here to provide personal and deeply felt interpretations of songs he grew up on and soul baring originals that cut to the core of the human experience.  

What has followed since can be likened to a slowly unfolding explosion.   As the talent intensifies so do the opportunities, so does the exposure.  There is no rush, the music sets the pace.   Poised perfectly for performing playful tunes and sorrowful indulgences his time is at hand and the sounds are scintillating.    

Shep has his music available for purchase on BANDCAMP. Check out the link below to peruse or purchase all three of the current albums—Traditions, Gravity, and Float on Bandcamp.